Scrambled Eggs & Rosemary Sweet Potato Hash Browns

This is one of my go to breakfasts because it is easy and healthy! The rosemary sweet potato hash browns can be paired with pretty much any breakfast/egg dish and they’ll definitely impress your guests, so give it a try! Click the image or “continue reading” to see the recipe.


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Basil Chicken Coconut Curry

The name says it all. I cook the chicken in a slow cooker and add basil, coconut milk, red onion, jalapenos, cilantro, ginger, lime, and lots of curry powder. All of that is plopped onto a bed of brown rice or cauliflower rice and topped with fresh basil and cilantro. Click the image or “continue reading” to see the recipe!


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Jalapeno Cheddar Burger

This monster of a burger is stuffed with jalapenos and cheddar and is then topped with caramelized onions, vine ripe tomatoes, avocado, romaine lettuce, and pepper jack…double cheese, I know. All of this deliciousness is sandwiched between a brioche bun covered in spicy brown mustard and a homemade chipotle mayo. Click the image or “continue reading” to see the recipe!


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Herb Crusted Rack Of Lamb

This dish was inspired by Gordon Ramsay. I’m a huge fan and love to try his recipes every now and then. I’ve paired this beautiful rack of lamb with mini scalloped potatoes and tri-color carrots. Click the image or “continue reading” to see the recipe!


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